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Custom Options for Off-the-Shelf Enclosures

Take a standard Unibox enclosure and make it your own, individual design
by taking advantage of our extensive range of custom services, including...

  • Machining Using state-of-the-art CNC equipment, we can machine openings for your specified geometry. We can also alter internal features, for example, removing or shortening circuit board bosses. Simply provide us with a drawing and we can handle the rest. You can download the PDF drawing file of the appropriate part to simplify generating the needed drawings.
  • Screen Printing Add a company logo, text or other graphics with screen printing and save the expense of a label. Our Unibox Enclosures sales representatives will walk you through the steps to create your customized artwork.
  • Mold Customization Our tools have been designed to allow custom inserts to inexpensively modify our standard enclosures to customers’ requirements. This can be an attractive alternative to machining in larger volume runs.
  • Graphic Overlays For applications that require the vividness of a graphic overlay label, we offer a full range of lexan and mylar labels.
  • EMI Shielding We can shield your enclosure either by coating the interior of the box with a copper or zinc based spray, or by molding a conductive material into the enclosure.
  • Custom Materials and Colors Unibox can make material changes to your enclosure to meet your engineering specifications. You can also customize your enclosure with a custom color. Simply supply us with a color match, or a Pantone color number.
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